For That Popular Day in February

on yonder hill
beneath the snow-kissed trees…

We interrupt this irregularly scheduled, but important, program For that Popular Day in February poem for an even more important message…

i was trying to make a love point
but my lexicon(ic) soldiers
were interrupted
by an abruptly rude exclamation
and an interjection’s introverted introspection
while a greedy colon
cluttered the page
with love crap
as an eagerly annoying ellipses rambled
on and on and on and on
and on
about what i wasn’t saying

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2019


32 thoughts on “For That Popular Day in February

  1. It happens to clash with parents day in my region😂 (because self proclaimed traditional people have decided to get youth back on track)

    It’s all commercialised. Love and art, all people want it to market it to earn more and more

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