No Matter Where I Wander

*For Free Verse Revolution’s February writing prompt #1: Where I Belong

i find comfort
in soft whispers
lingering on walls
holding each one of
my precious yesterdays
framed by hands
whose still fingers
ceased to seek warmth
many years ago
still, their souls
peer through eyes
that follow me
from room to room
reminding me
that this is where
i was conceived
and likely
where i will

i find comfort
in knowing
deeper than anything
that no matter
where i wander
this is
where i belong

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2019


32 thoughts on “No Matter Where I Wander

  1. I truly feel this poem. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you belong somewhere, and your words and images describe it well. The whole poem has sych a comfortable relaxed feel to it. Like a comfirtable old slipper that you slip into so easily. Beautiful.

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