I Deconstructed a Poem

staring and digging
i searched for meaning
in words found on walls
of ‘tenement’ halls
but none
could i

so deconstruct
i did
and look where
it led?
can anyone
help me

*Image courtesy of Google

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2019


34 thoughts on “I Deconstructed a Poem

      1. Yes indeed. It’s more a way of being, a state, than just doing an activity/ a hobby now and then.

        A way of seeing things, transforming and healing things. Making sense of the world around, finding beauty in everything etc. etc.

        Day and night… very exhausting sometimes 🙂

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    1. Our little conversation earlier spawned this piece, really. I was thinking about the writing process and then how we do our best to deconstruct a piece someone has written. Sometimes, it doesn’t end well 🙂 Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed this.

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