In the Naked Light

dangling bulb
wired to an 80’s ceiling –
stuccoed in
half records –
recesses in the mind
where past streets
with present avenues
and ghosts
chat with strangers
about inclement writing
on subway walls
while slipping
top secret documents
into their overcoats

four billion miles
and hundreds of billions
of dollars away –
as people
curl-up and die
on hungry, homeless and
war-torn streets,
a new horizon
snaps a picture
of some snowperson
(Ultima Thule)
hoping to put
a shade over
that naked light

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2019


37 thoughts on “In the Naked Light

    1. Yes, we live in an era of new age distraction from greater issues. We spend billions on space research, still, people are dying of hunger and cold on our streets. We have screwed up priorities and it’s all in the name of capitalism. Thank you!

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  1. I always find your writing interesting (something I am remiss to share with you). This poem is particularly provocative. You drew me in from the beginning with “stuccoed” ceilings, the imagery inviting so much imagination and then wham – the contrast in the second stanza…so well done.

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    1. I truly appreciate this. Thank you, so much for taking time to read so closely and for leaving such a beautiful response. I live in the old family home and the ceilings in the kitchen and living room are still stuccoed. It seemed to fit the 80s and space wars. It was also the time I was introduced to Simon and Garfunkel, thus the title 🙂 I wanted to bring it back to modern times with the mention of the New Horizons space probe and it’s recent capture of images of the unidentified snowman like blob, about 4 billion miles away. Sorry, am blabbering now! Again, thanks for the kind words. I always look forward to reading your work, too.

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