Revelations from a Different Cave

*This is a non-Patmos presentation…

in the days of
‘Goliath crushes David’
fire rains down from
the heavens
and from a shallow crevice
where i am stuck
snow blinded
by wintry demons
i witness…

prayers wasted
on ears tuned to
alternate frequencies
and facts

hollow hallelujahs
roam empty hallways
of a pewless church
with a broken steeple

outdated hymns
sing conducted
and scripted praises to
whom it may concern

cancerous tongues
force amens
down the throats
of those whose stomachs
have been filled
with a terrorist’s bile

you smile
through it all
sitting in on
your stool
of selected feelings –
flavours of the moment

as the weight of the wall
you continue to ‘build’
crushes the jugular
of common sense
and progress

a m e n

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2019


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