The (My Personal) Skinny on Diet Poetry

*NOTE: The author of this piece recognizes the seriousness of body image, eating disorder and digestion issues in today’s world and in no way, shape or form, wishes to offend anyone struggling with either of these. This is simply a take on poetry without substance and reference to diets is merely metaphorical – I prefer my poetry fat, even if it is short (in this case, a little taller than usual).

spare me
the gluten free lines
bring on the wheat filled words

your state of ketosis
does not impress this
over-hydrated carb-o-hol-ic


your weight watching
is more akin to
observing water-based paint
(you are welcome, Environment)
dry on a cold, damp
fog wrapped wall
(over the course of two days)

just forget it

there’s no fast way
towards slimming
stanzas to fit
social media sizes


may as well
serve your poetry
with a
skinny cow
soy based
beverage with
a pound of
whipping cream-
hold the skinny cow
soy based

i’ll take two

Β© Poetry from the Inkwell 2019


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