Star Gazing

hours spent

a cloudless night sky

sparkling suns
from galaxies beyond
singing their melodies
for millennia

not once
did you imagine
that i was
a star gazing
upon you

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018



tangled in the reeds –
before i parted the Red Sea,
where we witnessed the death of innocence –
you enslaved my heart
bought my love and sold it
now i command you
let my memories go
i will lead them out of bondage
into the Canaan of my sanity where
we will no longer
build temples and statues in your honour
or help propagate your pyramid dreams
we will no longer
live in denial
that your stone tablet promises
would someday save us
for better it is
to live in the wilderness, free,
than to live in paradise a slave

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018


*Captured this sunrise on an early morning drive.

rays peep over coniferous crest
shadows in valleys disappear
new day’s light pierces the breast
washes away yesterday’s care

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018

Called Home (Sonnet)

*For a friend who lost her battle with cancer, a long time ago…

the crimson morning sun doth bleed for thee
upon life’s ocean carries dreams of yore
spreading beyond the reaches of the sea
returning tides shall bring them never more
as we, in silent hymns, do quiet mourn
like softly falling snow on winter’s face
our hushed hands’ whispered prayers do adorn
thy gentle soul in asking for His grace
with tender care Death holds thee to his breast
the gathering at graveside makes no sound
as anguished hearts cry out within our chests
we lower thee into Earth’s sacred ground
rejoice all ye now kneeling at His throne
the Good Shepherd hath called another home

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018